Custom Pricing

“THE Wooden Gallery PROCESS”™

With this process, prints are saturated and mounted using a specifically designed acrylic emulsion.  The final coats of this emulsion are hand applied and textured.  This process allows the print or photo to be framed without glass; consequently, there is no glare, reflection, or breakage.  The emulsion, which includes UV protection, helps to bring back the colors, perspective and depth that were present in the original and often lost in a print.  The result is the nicest possible presentation of a lithograph, giclee, art print, poster or photograph.

Custom Pricing

  • Our PRESENTATION will PRESERVE your photos, lithographs, canvases, posters, newspaper articles, LTD edition prints, childrens artwork, etc.
  • For us to do your photos all we need from you is the “finished size” blowup along with your address and phone number. We will call you to custom design your presentation according to your needs.
  • You can also send us a digital file either by email or on a CD. We will then get the enlargement done for you. The finished image size will depend on the file size. We will discuss this with you. You will then be charged for both the enlargement and the processing charge.


Photo enlargement charge – 20% of Processing Charge.

Processing Charge – Based on Image Size.
(this is the price for the finished framed product, it does not include photo enlargement.)